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Are you looking for a classifieds web site that is not boring? A web site that captures the senses and impresses the mind? At Pamtsoft we create Classifieds web sites that break the box and stand out from the regular boring web sites. Every web site design has a beginning where we start with our client’s vision. Sometimes the client is not certain of the vision but just has the business needs and this is ok. We walk our clients through the design process of determining what the clients needs are, the overall feel they want their web site to have.

Our clients often suggest a particular web sites that are to their liking which we reference it to refine our initial concept.

SEO friendly
Every category may have a unique title, meta keywords and description. Display pages automatically inherit ad subject as page title, keywords and description. Ads caching (html format) with optional ad name in url. Google Site Map XML builder - create a standard XML file on-line and submit it to Google. Full URL rewrite with keywords in URLs.

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