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The development team at Pamtsoft spent many years studying the available E-Commerce programs that were on the market. We listened to what our customers said that they wanted from an E-Commerce website and to what people who were shopping on E-Commerce websites said about them. We set about finding all the flaws in the systems and then built an E-Commerce shopping cart system that eliminated all of the problems and pet hates that have irritated shoppers until now.

We have also taken in to consideration that most E-Commerce systems are not search engine friendly, and we have built search engine optimisation in to our E-Commerce websites. This means that each product will have its own page and its own entry in the search engines.

Our E-Commerce sites are designed to be simple to use. Like you we have found that the majority of E-Commerce software, and E-Commerce systems are way too difficult to understand and to use.

We decided to start from scratch and build an E-Commerce system that is as easy to manage and update as it is to use for the customer.

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