Providing the best IT solutions

Software Development

Key Features

  1. No Server or High-end Computers are required
  2. Effective Monitoring of overall operations of the company
  3. User Friendly and Smart User Interface
  4. Big saving on time, enabling productive use of manpower
  5. Customize as per company requirement
  6. No Specialized Manpower Required
  7. Super solution for any type of business nature
  8. Set user rights as per their role, Multiple Level Security
  9. Administrator Login provides total access of Software and Settings
  10. Efficient handling of order processing and production scheduling
  11. Multiple levels of bill of material
  12. GRN (goods receipt note) & returns
  13. MRP (material requirement planning)
  14. Maintain optimal inventory levels
  15. Simplify inventory transactions
  16. plan and schedule production with process
  17. Dynamic control of the purchasing of raw materials
  18. Customized report like Daily, Weekly, From Date and To Date
  19. Reports and data can be exported to pdf, excel, word, html, image
  20. Production Planning
  21. Planning Vs. Actual Consumption Analysis
  22. Vendor Performance Monitoring
  23. Receipt & Comparison of Quotation – Vendor Rating Analysis
  24. Material Issue - Job Work / Shop Floor / Against Indent
  25. Pending GRN Status for Dispatch

What We Offer

  1. Purchase
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Inventory/Stores
  4. Finance/Accounting
  5. Human Resource & Payroll
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. CRM
  8. Production
  9. Maintenance
  10. Administration
  11. Data Warehouse

Solutions for

  1. Manufacturing Industries.
  2. Chemical Industries.
  3. Textile Industries.