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With SEO, we find it's better to tell you the facts before we explain how it works: 76% of people click on the top 5 results or the results on the first page. 80% of Internet searchers look no further than the first three pages. It's a simple fact of Internet life that if your website isn't sat at the top end of search returns (make that Google search returns) then your Internet development and marketing investment is at serious risk. If you rely on ecommerce to deliver your profits and you are nowhere on the search engines then your whole business model could be under threat.

How do I improve my Google ranking you may ask?

How can I achieve top Google positions?

The answer is to use professional search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is an approach combining proven techniques used to identify and build an online audience then convert that audience into profit generating customers.

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Why is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so important?

Search Engine Optimisation can dramatically improve your site performance and help your business grow. Our 100% record of achieving page 1 placements in Google has generated huge increases in visitor traffic, enquiries, conversions and profits for our customers.